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The healthcare sector is undeniably people oriented, with its main goal to improve patients' lives. Unfortunately, with heavy patient loads and large establishments, patient administration becomes a hassle for both the healthcare professionals and the patients themselves. In addition, the quality of service often drops with long queues of patients, and this detracts from the entire ethic of the profession. Queue Management Systems from GMS allow doctors and nurses to concentrate on what they do best - treating the patients.


There is quite simply no way to avoid queues of patients in establishments like clinics and private medical practitioners. It is impossible to expect patients to stand in queue for a long time, but the queues must still be maintained and if possible monitored. In larger establishments like polyclinics or hospitals, there exists a need to organize patient flow from one queue to another, from registration to consultation and finally the cashier and pharmacy. The process of patient flow is often complicated and requires directing the patient to appropriate consultation and service rooms, as well as tracking the patients’ records for payment and dispensing purposes. The unique requirements of the healthcare industry are well understood by GMS, and we have developed a range of systems suitable for establishments of varying size and complexity.



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