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QMS700i marks another milestone in the development of queue
management system (QMS) technology. The new system has incorporated enhancements in several areas, viz., system reliability, network security, system scalability, mobile technology, system installation and support. System status information and reporting features have also been improved.

The system features a powerful embedded Queue Processor that operates in a stable, lightweight Linux OS environment. The system uses the Ethernet LAN as the standard communication media because of its network robustness and reliability. Ethernet offers high speed and large address space which are beneficial for supporting large system. WiFi connectivity is supported by most of the devices in QMS700i. Encryption is used on wired and wireless LAN during data transmission to safeguard the information especially when sensitive data such as personal ID, password, financial figures, etc. are involved.

QMS700i system can be configured as a self-contained network which
automatically assigned its local IP addresses. Only one external IP address is required to link up with the user’s network. Standard CAT 5e cabling with modular jack termination makes the system wiring works extremely simple.

Some of the key system features are:

  • Web Based Solutions 

System monitoring, reporting, maintenance and control can be performed remotely via standard web browser. No software installation is needed. Future software upgrade is easier as it only involves the main system controller. Web interface also offers ease of use and shorter learning time.

  • Customer Feedback 

QoS feedback is integrated. User can manage the rating questionnaires to be displayed on the customer feedback devices. Customers’ rating are captured and presented in real time.

  • Dashboard Views 

Allow key performance indicator in queue service and QoS to be monitored easily and swiftly in real time. Each user can customize the dashboard view to his/her preferences and the system remembers the settings for each user.

  • Report Designer 

Besides the standard reports, user is empowered to design their own report by selecting the desired QMS metrics and groupings. The user is allowed to arrange the sequence of the fields in the report.

  • QMS App Support 

The mobile app offers great convenience and time saving to the customers. The customers can see the number of people waiting for each service, request ticket remotely and notified when their turns are approaching. The app is a great way to promote paperless and support the Green Initiative.




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