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Multimedia Information Display (MID) is a system taking full advantage of large-sized LCDs, plasma display panels, computer hardware and software technology, together with the ubiquitous Internet. With the MID, outdated VCD/TV solution has been completely transformed. It enhances corporate image with the new display technology and improves quality of service and customer experience by providing up-to-date information from the Internet or corporate sources.

multimedia information display, mid, queue display, queue management
video wall, lcd, queue management
IMD, digital poster, advertising, queue management, digital signage


  • Ideal for digital posters, exchange & interest rates displays, retail advertisements, event displays, corporate communications, etc.

  • Supports Flash, Power Point, images, video files, IP streaming, HTML, RSS, etc.

  • Displays live AV stream from VCD/DVD player, TV broadcast, digital satellite receiver, camera, etc.

  • Landscape or potrait mode

  • Full screen or multi-window templates

  • Content update via network

  • Flexible content scheduling

  • Central control and management from headquarters

  • Integration with QMS as main display

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